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  • Television commercial (Benelux):

  • Radio commercial or pre-roll (online):

  • Online film (no pre-roll):

  • In-store / POS:

  • Extra country / version:

  • Exclusive use (TVC only):

  • Feauture film, docu, drama series:

  • Personal use (e.g. wedding video)



€900 / $965

€450 / $480

€300 / $320

€300 / $320

50% of the basic price

300% of the basic price

€100 / $115 per 30 seconds

€75 / $82

All licenses are for one year, one country and based on one version, unless otherwise agreed.



You can browse through our music by instrument or mood, and download the title(s) you would like to try with your film or commercial. You'll find a download button in the upper right corner of the Soundcloud player.


If you need noise free versions of these titles for client presentation: let us know and we'll send them right away.


You may also send us your film, so we can add your preffered music to it and send it back in any format.


If you don’t feel like going through all the tracks: no problem! We’ll be pleased to come up with some suitable suggestions, according to your briefing. Still without any costs.


Once you’ve decided on actually using a track, send us a notification and you’ll receive an uncompressed, high-res wav or aiff. And a bill of course.


Are you looking for a specific acoustic mood you can't find in our collection? Here's our solution: we'll compose it for you. Right from scratch. Call us at +31 20 6943243 or send an email to and we'll tell you all about the possibilities and conditions.



If any changes need to be made, we’ll discuss the ins and outs and send you a quote in advance. After approval it will usually take a few days before you receive the revised version of the music, depending on the amount of work and the availability of the musician(s). Simple cutdown’s often will be ready within two working days.

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